#teachingrenaissance: talking Tudors in Primary Schools


teachingrenaissance: University outreach and teaching  the Tudors in primary schools

I love teaching at all levels, but while there is certainly an element of joy and fun that comes with teaching primary school children, for somebody who usually deals with university students, there is undoubtedly also fear and apprehension that comes with that. Let’s face it, comparisons to gladiatorial combat may be quite apt here, with the children having the advantage both of numbers, and of size ( they can move quicker around these knee- high tables and chairs than I can), but also of familiarity. The children operate in their normal sphere , while I am definitely out of my comfort zone. But that is what makes it so exhilarating, and that is what makes me work harder and hopefully makes me better at delivering teaching that is appropriate and exciting.

So, being offered the opportunity to contribute to…

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