Secrets of Brethren uncovered in Reffley Wood in King’s Lynn



Reffley Wood Excavation Site

Topic Secret Society feasts at Reffley Wood

If you go down to Reffley woods today, you’re sure to find some fine porcelain tableware and an American coin left by members of a historic secret society.

The West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Archaeology Society have uncovered evidence of the Reffley Brethren at an excavation in the remains of the old temple.

During the summer, the society has been running a number of digs across the Gaywood Valley to learn more about the area’s heritage.

The final digs were undertaken in Reffley, which has yielded proof of the secret society, which apparently still meets today.

Society chairman Dr Clive Bond said: “The tableware, is porcelain, fine ware, including Willow-patten ware. This, and the pipes must relate to brethern meetings at the spring and in the building. They still smoke long clay pipes, part of the ritual at meetings…

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