Art in the Park


Nottingham’s Highfield ‘University’ Park becomes a free, outdoor contemporary art gallery from Friday September 27th 2013. 

Created by artist Theresa Caruana, in association with WW Gallery, London and Nottingham University, this free exhibition presents newly commissioned work by artists Chris Meigh Andrews, Kirsty Tinkler, David Lane, Theresa Caruana, Frank Kent, Flora Parrott, Kate Davis and David Moore. 

Sculpture, photography, painting and even solar powered sound installation can be encountered amongst the park’s woods, lakes and architectural features throughout October. In addition, screens and projectors highjack Highfields’ shrubbery during our free Video Nights.

Whether wandering the exhibition by day or attending a Video Night, additional ‘virtual’ artworks have been ‘geotagged’ across Nottingham’s ‘University’ Park for you to discover and download via your mobile device. To explore our online gallery whilst at Highfields just search artinyourpark on your smart phone to get started.


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