The Project: ‘How to breke a herte’ #2


King René’s Tournament Book 1460

Since the last post the images have all been digitized in the DHC and using a program called InDesign they have started to be put together into the manuscript. This post is more about the practicalities of the project.

The manuscript text will be the text that the children used to create their illuminations, but in order to be presented into a document the typography needs to be thought about. It has to be clear as the children will want to read it but also have an authentic hand written appearance. But ultimately the main part of the manuscript will be the images of the children that correspond to different aspects of the story.

Some aspects of the story have been much more popular than others and therefore there are many more images relating to some parts and comparatively little for others. This means that the text on the page may not correspond as exactly with the images, so that most of the illuminations can be included. The images will be placed in order and this will keep the narrative flowing.

The poem is relatively short and so there can’t be many pages either and there are quite a wealth of imagery to use too so getting the balance right will also be a bit crucial. But this presents the dilemma of how we use the imagery.

For this I have been looking at other manuscripts at the time such as King Renes Tournament Book below. Some of the imagery would work well as marginalia and others as larger images one on a single page.

The Manuscript project is starting to take shape, now many of the formalities have been figured out I’m looking forward to the creative process of letting it all happen and just experimenting with it all.


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