The Mayan Mesoamerican Calender, the history and the funny facts emerging in the media!


Sorry guys, exams are still on!

These Mesoamerician calenders are amazing pieces of art, the intricate alone is spellbinding and many have found the end of Mayan time prediction to be a little bit worrying but in reality it has been fairly conclusively argued that the calender was never meant to signify a doomsday and in fact is only one calender in among a series of different calenders, imagine it almost like a cog in a clock, this cog has an important job but there are many others also (and also its circle to!). In reality the day would probably have been a special day for the Maya, but not the end of the world.. so sorry guys, exams are probably still on!

But its an amazing example of history and its effects on today!

How many people have seen their smart phone weather forecasting say something like…


Its created hundreds of trending topics on twitter, Facebook, WordPress and although most of us are aware its not going to happen, i bet everyone will hear it mentioned tomorrow or sometime this week!

So good luck with revision, have a merry Christmas, a happy new year and a worry free Apocalypse! Here are some things to keep you going in the meantime!



Some Facts

How does the Mayan Calender really work?

Wiki on Mesoamerician Calenders

And some funnies!

AOL JOBS: how can the Apocalypse effect your job prospects?


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