Little Italy… in Wales?

Walking along a picturesque path in Corris near Aberystwyth, the sunlight is warming and it’s a fresh autumnal day. Along the left hand side of the path are brilliant hills and on your right Italy?

A, quite literal, monumental garden in Corris is home to a vibrant collection of miniature building and architectural design. The creator has sadly passed away but dedicated his retirement to his fascination with the country and heritage. The walls are leaking history and fantastic design. You’re now invited in to wander through the garden but it’s no tourist hotspot, just modestly tucked away in a corner in wales.

The photos will not do this justice but the attention to detail is fantastic and there is a very clear passion emanating from the work. I spent about 45 minutes just exploring this garden and was absolutely taken aback by its scale and attention to detail.

I began to have fun with it, angling my camera to make the buildings look life sizes, and indeed the first person i showed them to actually thought they were real buildings.

The garden is very playful though, i don’t think it was ever designed for one person to enjoy, not was it created to represent a static city. I really got a feel of this mans passion and vibrant experience, after all this isn’t little Italy, this is a whole new creation.

Its location made it extremely tranquil, just wondering around discovering the seemingly never ending display. I hope you all enjoy these photos, there not anywhere near truly representative of the experience of the place.

I felt uplifted by this secret garden and love the little Italy that Corris has to offer.

– Emma


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